Liberty University has been offering online courses since 1985. The graduates of this university are now experiencing all of the benefits of a degree holder including higher paying careers and more recognition in the business community that they are employed in. There are over forty different degree programs that are available through Liberty University’s online campus. You can achieve a degree and specialize in fields such as nursing, counseling, education, business, psychology and religion.

Liberty University – A School for Spiritual and Educational Growth


Liberty University is proud to offer courses that will inspire both educational and spiritual growth. The school is founded on the principals of Christianity so there will be no need to feel as if you need to compromise your religion in order to achieve a degree and grow as a professional. The curriculum is geared towards preparing the students to enter the workforce and be successful in the career path that they chose for themselves.

The Benefits of Enrolling at Liberty University


When you make the decision to enroll for courses at Liberty University you will be attending the largest evangelical university around. It is not only the largest but it is also growing at a record pace. Many people are discovering that they can attend classes online at their own pace and when they have the time to fit it in. They appreciate that the courses are based on a Christian platform and that the education level that they will receive will be as good as if not better than what they could receive at an on sight campus.

Long Standing Dedication to Building Professionals


Liberty offers its students a wide array of choices in career paths. There is sure to be an education path that will lead to a degree in the field that you are looking to pursue. Whether it is nursing or business, you can get the education at Liberty that will open doors for your professional career. You will be making the decision that will give you an edge on the other applicants that may be applying for the positions that you will be applying for.

If you were to compare the prices of other online institutions to the tuition rates at Liberty you would find that Liberty has made getting a great education much more affordable. The other leading online universities charge much more than liberty for an education that is equal or lower to the education that you will receive at Liberty.

Liberty has a staff on hand that will work with you to transfer any existing credits from other institutions to make sure that you get credit for the coursework that you have already completed. They also have insight into how you can get credit from your military background and some life experience. They will work to make sure you get credit for all that you have earned to date in your personal and professional life.

The professors at Liberty are accomplished and experienced in the subjects that they teach. Many of them have published writings that are known worldwide. They even are requested to give speeches and direction at important functions in their area of expertise. If there is something that you can learn that would help you advance yourself in the career of your choice, the professors at Liberty will be there to provide it to you.

The accreditation of a school is a very important part in many students decision on where to attend. Liberty University is accredited regionally by the Commission on Colleges of the SACS, or Southern Association of Colleges and Schools which gives them the ability to award bachelor, associate, master, and doctoral degrees in computer science.
As you begin your classes at Liberty you will surely be impressed by the abilities of the professors to balance the educational side of the courses with their abilities to minister. The founding ideas involving providing a Christian based learning atmosphere is held tightly to and your will feel at comfort with your faith while you are learning from the professors.

Having the ability to take your courses online will open your life to new educational opportunities


You can finally fit it into your schedule at Liberty because the school interface will be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You will have access to your course work as well as a large library of information at any time. If your schedule requires evening study hours, then you will have no problem getting it done.

Liberty University – MillersattheanchorLiberty understands that the cost of higher education is something that detours some people from taking the next step in their education. This is why Liberty offers access to federal financial aid programs as well as scholarships or payment plans to cover the expenses of your education. Liberty has staff on hand that can review all of your financing options and get you on a plan that works best for you and your family.

Just like an onsite college campus, Liberty offers support to each of their students. Students can make full use of the academic advisers, writing centers, student advocates, help desk, online ministries and the support pastor. Liberty even has a live librarian to assist the students in their academic needs. Liberty has devoted resources to each of their students to help ensure their successes at the school and beyond.

While Liberty has a strong focus on academics and spirituality, they also provide athletics and recreational opportunities for their students. With NCAA Division I athletics as a possibility for students, getting the physical aspects of the college experience is a possibility as well. Liberty is well rounded and produces well rounded graduates in the end.

As you begin your search for the perfect online college that has strong roots in Christianity, be sure to consider all that Liberty College has to offer. They provide excellent academic training and strive to challenge their students spiritually as well. As you explore the offerings of Liberty you are sure to find that this is the college for you.